Teleworking Tips for the Current Crisis

Working from Home: Potential Problems and Solutions

Problem: Your Work Environment Has Changed

You’ve been thrown into an environment that mixes home/leisure life with work/business life. There will be more distractions. Especially, if you are sharing your space with a significant other or roommate.

Solution: Set Up A Work Space and Set Boundaries

The best way to stay productive and not get distracted by this change is to create a dedicated workspace. If you have a home office, then you will have an easier time at this.

Problem: Your Morning Routine is All Over the Place

Solution: Try and Keep the Same Routine You Had Before

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t dress comfortably and take advantage of working from home. You should find a good in-between that lets you stay comfortable, while at the same time mentally getting yourself ready for a workday.

Problem: Going Stir Crazy

Another issue you may come across is feeling cooped up from being inside too long. You might start to have trouble focusing and even feeling anxious. This is commonly known as going stir crazy.

Solution: Take Time to Go Outside and Excercise

Exercise is a great way to combat this feeling and get yourself out of the house. Remember you are entitled to a one hour lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks a day.

Problem: Feeling Disconnected from Coworkers/Manager

It is common to feel lonely or disconnected from your fellow employees or manager when you are working virtually.

Solution: Plan Out More Time for Informal and Formal Meetings

For productivity sake, you need to make sure you are scheduling enough meetings to stay on the same page as your team.

Problem: Bad Internet Connection

Solution: Have a Basic Understanding of Your Internet Plan and Check Your Speed

Have an understanding of your internet plan and how much upload/download speed you should be getting. There are a bunch of different apps that you can download that will tell you how fast your internet is running.


As you can see, working from home does come with its own set of problems.

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