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How to Stick with a New Habit

Habits are a part of every aspect of our lives. The brain is constantly looking for ways to make tasks more automatic so that we can focus on activities that require more attention. Most people recognize their good habits and bad habits. It’s when we try and change our habits that we run into challenges.

There are many different expert opinions on how to build good habits and break bad ones. In fact, the inspiration for this article comes after reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. …

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Don’t fall into this trap

Coming out of school I was eager to make a name for myself and start making money. I was tired of being a broke college student and eager to prove that I could be somebody.

Once I found a job and settled in, I almost immediately started to look for ways to make money on the side. I became obsessed. I looked up ways to make money blogging, freelancing, investing in the stock market as many things as I could think of.

Money in my mind has always equaled freedom. If you're rich you can go wherever you want to…

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Here is how I found love

Back in college, I was your textbook definition of a hopeless romantic. Always wanting the ones who didn’t want me back and never appreciating the ones who treated me right.

I was an asshole on a path of self-destruction. Caught in a vicious cycle of never feeling good enough for anyone — especially myself.

Let me start by giving you some context on why I felt so pressured to find love.

I lived in a house where every single one of my roommates had a girlfriend. My roommates were constantly doing couply stuff together and I always felt like the…

Take the first steps in overcoming your fear of being judged.

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As I was reading through quotes for inspiration, I stumbled across this one by David Icke.

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think. ~ David Icke.

After reading this I was taken back to an earlier time in my life. A time filled with anxiety, stress, constant worry, self-doubt, and even self-hatred.

Reading that quote might take you back to a similar place. Even though your experiences are different than mine, we’ve all dealt with worrying about what others thought.

Fear of…

COVID 19 has completely changed how the world works — literally.

Social distancing standards have more people telecommuting than ever before. For over a month the country has been under quarantine.

Many of us are exiting the “honeymoon” phase of remote work and realizing that it comes with its own unique set of challenges. With no clear end to this crisis in sight, it is important to confront these issues.

Especially because studies show many companies are making remote work more permanent (

Even if you won’t be working from home permanently, this probably won’t be the last time…

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I read and I write to gain a perspective of this amazing world and the people I share it with.

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